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A Debt Relief Attorney Ready To Help You Claim A Brighter Future

Attorney Randall Saxton has been helping Mississippi residents overcome debt burdens for years. As a dedicated bankruptcy lawyer, he understands clients’ compelling stories of medical debt, job losses and overextended credit. He has helped thousands of people get fresh starts through bankruptcy. He will help you explore your debt relief options with your eyes wide open and your hope reignited.

Randall is a nationally-recognized bankruptcy attorney and is the only consumer bankruptcy attorney in the State of Mississippi to be listed in Super Lawyers Magazine.

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Attorney Randall Saxton

In a free, confidential consultation, learn how you can stop harassment from creditors, get a new lease on life and rebuild your credit. Turn to Saxton Law, PLLC, to start building your debt relief plan.

Legally Lift Your Debt Load

Is your home at risk of foreclosure? Have you been targeted for wage garnishment? Are you losing sleep out of fear of a bank account levy? With Randall’s help, you can take back the reins by filing for bankruptcy.

If bankruptcy is right for you, he will walk you smoothly through the process. First, he will help you determine which form of bankruptcy, such as those below, is appropriate for your unique financial circumstances.

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy for debt discharge: Get credit card bills, medical debt and other unsecured debt discharged and experience the freedom of a fresh start.
  • Chapter 13 for debt reorganization: To stop foreclosure, protect your home equity or for other reasons, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be in your best interests. Pay back your secured debt and some or all of your unsecured debt in three to five years of affordable installments.

Once your bankruptcy discharge or repayment plan is on the way, attorney Saxton will ensure that you understand how to find your financial sound footing again and rebuild your credit.

In addition to helping people with their bankruptcy concerns, attorney Saxton also helps with issues related to business formation. If you are thinking of starting your own business, he can help you make sure you are taking the proper steps to protect your investment.

Turn To An Attorney Who Will Truly Listen

Every attorney-client relationship at Saxton Law, PLLC, begins with empathy and transparency. Attorney Saxton emphasizes taking care of things correctly the first time. His background has been service-oriented and people-focused. You may be the next one he helps to meet the challenge of overcoming crushing debt.

To schedule a free consultation about your debt and the opportunity that bankruptcy may hold for you, call 601-255-0813 or send an online message.

Saxton Law, PLLC, is a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.