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Too many battle silently with the burden of overdue debt; afraid to check the mail or answer their phone while their wages are being garnished from a judgment. Arguing with your spouse, having constant anxiety, and unable to sleep, debt can take a toll on someone far beyond financial strife. Fortunately, the cycle can be broken.

While bankruptcy can feel like feel intimidating, it can actually empower you to take the necessary steps to get out of debt, secure your financial future, and get back your peace of mind.

Randall R. Saxton

Randall R. Saxton

Randall R. Saxton is the founding attorney of Saxton Law, PLLC. For over a decade, Randall has helped thousands of individuals recover from crippling debt, plan their wills and estates, form their businesses, and enter into installment agreements with the IRS. In addition to being the only consumer bankruptcy attorney in the State of Mississippi to be listed in Super Lawyers Magazine, Randall serves as the Commanding Officer for the 1st Brigade of the Mississippi State Guard, as a Deputy Sheriff, and on the technology committee of The Mississippi Bar.

Finding Relief. Creating Solutions.

Saxton Law, PLLC has helped thousands of individuals in Mississippi find relief through bankruptcy and create a fresh start.

Whatever has happened till now, you can make a clean break from the cycle. Whether you are struggling with medical debt, or are behind on credit card bills, Randall R. Saxton can help you clear and restructure your debt while protecting your key assets.

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